Self-Compassion, Flow, and Strategies in Judokas

Titel Self-Compassion, Flow, and Strategies in Judokas

Autor*innen Tommaso Feraco, Paola Ispiro, Chiara Meneghetti & Petra Jansen

Beitrag in Journal of Martial Arts Research, 2020, Vol. 3, No. 3

Schlagworte judo, martial arts, flow, self-compassion, sport

Doi 10.15495/ojs_25678221_41_177


Feraco, T., Ispiro, P., Meneghetti, C., & Jansen, P. (2021). Self-Compassion, Flow, and Strategies in Judokas. Journal of Martial Arts Research, 4(1).


In the last decades, studies on sport practice have shown positive relations of both self-compassion and flow with sport enjoyment, satisfaction, and performance. Despite this, little research focused on the relation between self-compassion and flow in martial arts. In particular, these relations were not examined for judo. The main aim of this study therefore was to examine the role of flow and self-compassion in judo practice. In addition, we assessed the strategies judokas employ before and during combat and examined their relations with these psychological constructs. A total of 52 judokas with different degrees of experience participated in the study and answered questionnaires on flow state during combat, personal self-compassion, and judo strategies. The results showed no correlation between the participants’ experience levels and their flow and self-compassion scores. However, we found a positive relation between the use of judo strategies and flow during combat. In conclusion, even though we found no relation between self-compassion and any of the variables considered we speculate that learning and using judo strategies may be important for developing flow states.